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Download Mushy Moon Demo APK MOD Cheat

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Mushy Moon Demo Cheat

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Explore the world below as Mushy Moon the mushroom. Experience diverse levels with simple controls. Relax with the sights and sounds of nature. Play with a friend in splitscreen mode. Replay levels to try to beat the Time Challenges and Least Jump Challenges. Search for hidden collectable models and view them up-close.

Multiplayer requires two gamepads or a keyboard and a gamepad.

Demo Features
• Relaxing Nature Environments
• 4 Levels
• Two-player Co-op Splitscreen
• Least Jump and Time Challenges
• Export/Import your Save

Extra Full Game Features
• 32 Hidden Collectable Models to View
• 40 Colorful Levels
• 4 Save Files

Full Game Link

More Details
Offline: Yes
Lightweight: less than 20MB
Input Methods: touch, keyboard, gamepad
Category: 3d platformer
Themes: colors, non-violent, cartoon, 3d
Players: 1-2 local co-op
Import/Export Save: Yes
Ultra-HD: Supported
🍄 changed default auto camera turn speed to 70% (previously 100%)
🌲 added backwards compatibility to save export/import on Android older than 4.4
🌳 fixed game doesn’t pause when its window loses focus
🍁 new gamepad mappings (The game does a check to see if the gamepad is already mapped by the system.)
🍃 small increases to compatibility
🍂 various bug fixes and small improvements

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