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北斗の拳 LEGENDS ReVIVE 原作追体験RPG! Cheat

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コミック累計発行部数””1億部””を突破した伝説的漫画『北斗の拳』が、ハイクオリティ公式スマホゲーム 北斗の拳 LEGENDS ReVIVE(レジェンズリバイブ)として登場!


原哲夫先生の監修の下、キャラクターイラストはすべて描き下ろし! 大迫力のバトルシーンや、数々の名場面を彩るムービーシーンはまさに必見!

バトルは指先ひとつの簡単操作! タイミングを合わせるタップアクションでコンボをつなげ!






Android 6.0以上 RAM 2GB以上
An era when the history of Ichiko Soden was cut off …
Get Hokuto back with your hands!

The legendary manga “Fist of the North Star”, which has surpassed the cumulative circulation of comics “” 100 million copies “”, is now available as a high-quality official smartphone game, Fist of the North Star LEGENDS ReVIVE!
“You are already playing”

■ A story that faithfully reproduces the original
The original story is faithfully reproduced from the first episode with an unprecedented volume!
Not only Hokuto fans but also players who do not know Hokuto can enjoy the dramatic story of “Fist of the North Star” that many readers were enthusiastic about!

■ High quality graphics
Under the supervision of Professor Tetsuo Hara, all character illustrations have been drawn! Don’t miss the powerful battle scenes and the movie scenes that color many famous scenes!

■ Exhilarating tap combo action
Battle is easy with just one fingertip! Connect combos with tap actions that match the timing!

■ The largest playable character in Hokuto game history
In addition to popular characters such as Kenshiro, Fist of the North Star, and Nanto Seiken, there will be many memorable supporting characters such as “Heart” and “King” that are familiar with “Hidebu”!
Form your own dream team and fight against strong enemies!

“Hokuto Shinken” This era when the history of Ichiko Soden was cut off …
Spin the memories of successive folklore and recover Hokuto with your own hands!

▼ Recommended for people like this ▼
◆ I like “Fist of the North Star”
・ I play consumer games as well as manga and anime from “Fist of the North Star”.
・ Choose “Fist of the North Star” for pachinko and pachislot machines
・ Longing for Kenshiro’s muscles
・ I want to eat Fist of the North Star in the Fist of the North Star game
・ I want to make my enemies unmatched with mysterious awakened reincarnation
・ I want to defeat the bastards who are dying at the end of the century with the ability of Ikki Tousen
・ I want to be a hero at the end of the century dominated by violence
・ When I was little, I was playing by imitating secret hole treatment
・ I like hot-blooded and hard-core stories

◆ I like games
・ I like fighting games between Hans and Battle Royale
・ I like role-playing (low pre) and adventure adventure
・ I like warriors games where fighters fight with fists, swords, and guns.
・ I want to train strong fighters like demons and dragons
・ I like battle games that are easy to operate but strategic, such as wars, wars, and assassinations.
・ I like the magnificent view of the world at the end of the century, such as Wars.
・ I usually play mahjong, professional wrestling, and slot games.

◆ I’m looking for an interesting smartphone app
・ I like the latest game apps
・ Check for events such as anniversary, collaboration, and free gacha
・ I want to play games where you can enjoy online battles, PvP, and guild chat.
・ I like replay quests in solo play and joint battle play.
・ I like the games released by SEGA CORPORATION
・ Pay attention to beautiful 3D games and games in which famous voice actors participate.
・ I want to play a famous mobile game with a capture site

【Recommended environment】
Android 6.0 or above RAM 2GB or above
* Cannot work on Android 6.0 and below
* Even when using in the recommended environment, this service may not operate normally depending on the usage status and factors specific to the model you are using.

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