Download Chaos Lords: Stronghold Kingdom – Medieval RPG War MOD APK Cheat

Download Chaos Lords Stronghold Kingdom - Medieval RPG War MOD APK Cheat

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Chaos Lords: Stronghold Kingdom – Medieval RPG War Cheat

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Chaos Lords: Stronghold Kingdom – Medieval RPG War is a role play game about kings, legion, dynasty warriors, guilds and heroes, which was developed for those who enjoy turn based rpg and strategies. Players immerse themselves in mystical atmosphere of medieval times, epic wars between clans for strongholds, when lords and knights grow empires, loot and fight the armies of enemy kingdoms in PvP mode, defend legions and royal castles from chaos and remove might, black magic spells.

About the game

The goal of our medieval tactical role play game is to become a king, grow empire and conquer all lords’ lands by winning battles with dynasty warriors for citadels.

The action takes place in a fantasy world called Tartesia, which is full of might, magic, mysteries and dangers. You will enjoy missions with exciting storylines and different royal characters, epic online battles with monsters and sieges of castles. Explore the kingdoms of Tartesia and remember that only real kings can fight evil and break sieges of citadels!

To fight enemies, you need to build your medieval strongholds and fortresses, improve existing citadels, upgrade guilds and heroes, equip your army with swords, shields, armor, sabers and crossbows!


⚒ Endless customization
Customize a huge number of guilds and heroes: soldiers, dynasty warriors, alliances, monsters, lords and knights. Our role play game also has a special skill tree, that allows you to try different tactical combinations and develop unique turn based strategies.

⚒ Countless RPG missions, castles, dungeons and empires
There is a huge number of game modes in our tactical turn based strategy: PvP clan wars in mysterious lands & dungeons, turn based PvE missions, quests, fights with enemies, might, black magic, evil and chaos, as well as sieges of foreign kings’ realm, strongholds, castles and fortresses. Every single RGP game mode contributes to the acquisition of gaming experience, shields, jewelry and rare item farming. Players have royal characters at their disposal, including legions, monsters of darkness, noble lords and brave knights.

⚒ Confrontation with real enemies & royal legion of darkness
You think you will have a casual RPG opponent for one battle? Not in Tartesia! Our system of guilds, heroes and alliances is for those who like real fights against evil and chaos!

⚒ Equipment & Weapons
You will have to try hard to collect high-quality armor, shields and at least one set of legendary equipment, because they will cost a lot of money, but they are worth buying.

⚒ Different & Terrifying
In our role play strategy different monsters will try to harm and loot your royal lands & kingdom, and each of them has a unique set of skills, special tactics of sieging enemies and conducting epic combats with darkness in PvP mode. If you manage to think over the right battle tactics, it will be easy to wage wars between clans as well as to fight and loot monsters, gnolls, alliances of dark knights and magicians!

⚒ Prizes, Gold & Loot
While completing missions in our tactical role play game, you will unlock gold chests in dungeons and spend the gold on upgrades, buying an iron throne and a throne made of gold, as well as shields for soldiers and the army.

🔶 Tactical turn based role playing strategy;
🔶 Wars between clans, epic battles against evil and chaos;
🔶 You are the Lord of the iron throne dreaming to grow empire and conquer other kingdoms;
🔶 Countless fantasy RPG missions in PvP mode: upgrade dynasty warriors, soldiers, army and realm;
🔶 Build your medieval realm stronghold, fortress, citadel and dungeons;
🔶 Unique system of guilds and heroes for those players who enjoy fighting against gnolls;
🔶 Improve realm, fortresses and citadels, weapons and equipment – armor, swords, sabers and crossbows;
🔶 Various legions, alliances, siege and combat tactics;
🔶 Fantasy world of Tartesia full of darkness, lands, evil, might, black magic and dangers.
Chaos Lords update:
– First Seasonal Event: Halloween
– New Epic Hero: T’en ta Crul
– Soul Stones enconomy rework
– Siege UI Improvement
– New visual effects on Legendary and Epic equipment
– Implemented Tiers of Boss equipment
– Implemented Sets of equipment that provide additional features
– Changes in the cost of Soldiers leveling up
– Many other improvements and fixes

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