Download High School Love Drama: Love Story Games MOD APK Cheat

Download High School Love Drama Love Story Games MOD APK Cheat

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High School Love Drama: Love Story Games Cheat

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Choice making games are the best kind of interactive story games that you can play! We are back with a new “choose your own story game” and this time you will find yourself in the role of a teenage high school girl with a real love drama on her hands.

Can you handle the high school teenage drama that revolves around boys, dating, friendship and college? Choose your path by making choices all the time!

Write your high school romance story!

Read the story of “love at school” and choose your boyfriend – but, make sure you make decisions carefully, because you can’t turn back the time! Interactive story games are just the right type of visual novels for you if you enjoy taking an active part in the story by making your own choices.


You can select the outfit and hairstyle you like best for different events in the life of your high school heroine!


Play as yourself or choose a cool name for your character. Is she flirty or shy? Outspoken or reserved? Make choices that will determine her personality.


There are several possible endings to your “love story drama”, but don’t worry – you can replay this love story game again and again. Make different choices to see all possible outcomes of the high school love story for teenage girls!


Romantic games for girls can have their not-so-happy moments as well. In High School Love Drama: Love Story Games, there are some difficult choices to be made. Be prepared to get your heart broken, and get involved in some real drama including ex-best friend and a secret admirer. Will you get caught in a love triangle as the story unfolds? Only one way to find out!


Stay tuned for new episodes of teenage love drama every week. Keep up with the adventures in the life of typical high school girl looking for love!

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