Download Cubemon 3D:MMORPG Monster Game APK, APK MOD, Cheat

Download Cubemon 3D:MMORPG Monster Game APK, APK MOD, Cheat

App Information of Cubemon 3D:MMORPG Monster Game

App Name Cubemon 3D:MMORPG Monster Game APK MOD
Package Name .mod.apk
Version 5.1
Rating 8.3 ( 6334 )
Size 655.3 MB
Requirement Android 4.3+
Updated 2018-09-30
Installs 100,000+

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Description of Cubemon 3D:MMORPG Monster Game

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Cubemon 3D:MMORPG Monster Game Cheat

Ever wanted to get free resources to Cubemon 3D:MMORPG Monster Game? Ever wanted to climb to the Peak of the leaderboards in Cubemon 3D:MMORPG Monster Game? | Then you have found the correct location. Together with the Cubemon 3D:MMORPG Monster Game Cheats, you determine how many resources you want to get added to your account. In theory, obtain Unlimited resources, which may be used to purchase the best item. Together with the top cards, you are going to have the ability to build a wonderful item and thereby climb towards the top.

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Cubemon 3D – Massively multiplayer creature-collection adventure game.

Catching & Collect over 400 unique monsters,have a battle with global players!!

Exploring the six regions of the Cubeland, challenge GYM leaders discovering new species, and making good friends along the way….

Catch new monster on open world, battle other monster trainers on the forest and beaches. & trade with your friends in Cubemon center. Beat all eight GYM Leaders, and become the legendary monster trainers!



The days of RPG traveling solo are over; in world of cubemon is a massively multiplayer one. Monster trainers from all around the world can join and you will be able to see them around you, living in the RPG adventure with you and fighting to become the legends of trainers league .
Chill with strangers, make new friends and battle them or trade your goodies; the Cubemon online world is full of possibilities.


Free to Summon & Collect over 400 monsters, New monsters will be add to the game every month!
Capture different monsters to uncover unique skills and boost your strategy in battles. Build a world for your monsters to live on monster computer, fill it with habitats and breed new species! Take your monsters on exciting quests, duel and capture legendary monsters . Only then you will be able to prove yourself a Legend Monster Master / Sumoner!


Join monster trainer league ,Duel other Monster Masters in the PvP Mode.
-Ranking PVP mode; Fight in the Multiplayer Rank Mode, climb up the leader boards .Each season for trophies, rewards, and a chance to reach the Legendary Leagues and become the Legendary Monster Trainers!
-Co-op battle mode; Trainers will be able to join forces with a friend any time and work together towards your next goal. Catch new monster, complete a Route, or face off against a GYM Leader; all while fighting alongside your friend in dual battles!


In Cubemon’s island, we called monster egg ‘Dragon Egg.’
Summoner need to unlock Dragon land on Dragon game system, Putting two compatible cubemon together on Dragon Land ,they will produce a new Dragon Egg. You also can build multiple Dragon vale or Dragon city on the Dragon land. Breeding is the easiest way to create a Dragon(cubemon) with perfect stats ,since they will inherit some of the stats of their dragon(cubemon) parents.

Cubemon 3D:MMORPG Monster Game is a FREE game for mobile device!FREE to download and FREE to play! Of course you can purchase in-app items with real money. if you wish to disable this feature, please turn off the in-app purchases in your phone or tablet’s Settings.

Cubemon trainers can adventure & duel with other monster trainers online. Download today and start adventure over 60 million players around the world.

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