Free Download ぷちっとくろにくる 【かんたんアクションRPG】  APK, APK MOD, ぷちっとくろにくる 【かんたんアクションRPG】 Cheat

Free Download ぷちっとくろにくる 【かんたんアクションRPG】 APK, APK MOD, ぷちっとくろにくる 【かんたんアクションRPG】 Cheat

9.4 (23953)Action, Games

App Information of ぷちっとくろにくる 【かんたんアクションRPG】

App Name ぷちっとくろにくる 【かんたんアクションRPG】
Package Name com.asobimo.petitechronicle_g
Rating 9.4 ( 23953 )
Size 98.7 MB
Requirement Android 4.0+
Installs 1,000,000+
Category Action, Games

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Description of ぷちっとくろにくる 【かんたんアクションRPG】

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「RPG ぷちっとくろにくる」は、無料で遊べるオンラインのアクションRPG(MMO ロールプレイング)です。ボタン一つで爽快な連続攻撃を繰り出したり、ジャンプや宙返りで深い谷間を越えたり、岩やタルなどの障害物を破壊したり――アクションゲームの要素が満載!




攻撃方法にノンターゲティング方式を採用。ボタンひとつで装備した剣や使ったスキル・魔法の攻撃範囲にいるモンスターにダメージを与える、直感的なアクション バトル システムです。ジャンプ攻撃やスキル・魔法を駆使してモンスターに連続攻撃を決めよう!



※MMO RPG :Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (大規模多人数同時参加型 オンライン ロールプレイング ゲーム)

◆基本プレイ無料のオンライン アクションRPG!

※本アクションRPG「ぷちっとくろにくる」は アソビモ 株式会社が開発・運営しています。
Slapstick of action RPG! Excitement of the gimmick! We are starting to large adventure of pounding!
In action RPG trotting the world infinite & Connect in the nation of fellow and online.

“RPG Puchi’ and Chronicle” is an online action RPG to play for free (MMO role-playing). Button one de exhilarating name continuous attacks wo feeding have enough, jump arrows somersault out of a deep valley wo more than enough rock ya barrel nad field failure thing wo destruction and have enough – action game Roh element moth packed!

Trying to adventure a vast world in partnership with colleagues and the party leading online! (Basic free-to-play)

◆ action story of the RPG “Puchi’ and Chronicle”
Here is peaceful and idyllic kingdom, walnut.
Come to an end is magic civilization, which continued to rise until a few hundred years ago, the breath of a new civilization have crowded also flows to the old kingdom.
Such a world similar to sleep treasure Roh mystery moth story Roh key wo open ……

◆ fun tricks scattered all over the world
Visit a variety of “tricks” to wherever they go of the player! Can be large jump higher than normal “trampoline”, distant town useful stuff and of adventure, such as “shortcuts” that can lets you fly up, hinder the way of the players, such as “trap”, the action RPG unique gimmick Lots.

◆ non-targeting battle of powerful
Adopt a non-targeting system to attack. Damage to monsters who are equipped with swords and attack range of skills, magic using a single button, intuitive action battle system. It will decide the continuous attack on the monster and making full use of jump attacks and skill magic!

Vast 3D world without boundary ◆
Vast name map wo freely two ran over action game! It was realized with no reading of each map “seamless map”, an ultra-vast 3D world large adventure. At first glance climb unlikely to mountains and deep valleys be greater than in the jump, on your first attempt we will give to the world that has never been done!

◆ friends gather in the online RPG
Such as cooperative play (multi-player) and chat with each other player, even communication of the online action RPG unique rich! You can enjoy the battle of the action and monsters in cooperation with a lot of friends in chat. Let psyched to powerful boss in cooperation with friends in multiplayer action role-playing game!

※ MMO RPG: Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (large-scale massively multiplayer online role-playing game)

◆ basic free-to-play online action RPG!
“Puchi’ and Chronicle” is the basic free-to-play! All the time you can enjoy for free. Gacha Mawaseru for free only once a day also enjoy in the shop (free-to-play system).

◆ Inquiry opinions and requests
Please send this form
If we receive described in the review ※, it might get time to reply in order to hear again the information you need to research to customers.
※ This action RPG “Puchi’ and Chronicle” has developed and operated by Asobimo Corporation.

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