Download IDOL FANTASY – アイドルファンタジー – 1.3.0 APK, APK MOD, IDOL FANTASY – アイドルファンタジー – Cheat

Download IDOL FANTASY – アイドルファンタジー – 1.3.0 APK, APK MOD, IDOL FANTASY – アイドルファンタジー – Cheat

App Information of IDOL FANTASY - アイドルファンタジー -

App Name IDOL FANTASY - アイドルファンタジー - APK MOD
Package Name com.square_enix.android_googleplay.IF .mod.apk
Version 1.3.0
Rating ( 256 )
Size 82.6 MB
Requirement Android 5.0+
Updated 2018-08-30
Installs 10,000+
Category Games, Simulation

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Description of IDOL FANTASY - アイドルファンタジー -

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IDOL FANTASY – アイドルファンタジー – Cheat

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『IDOL FANTASY』とは、スクウェア・エニックスがアニメ・ゲーム・マンガなど各界の人気作家陣によるキャラクターデザインと、豪華声優陣で贈る「トキメキの魔法をかけるファンタジー×アイドル育成ゲーム」です。


アイドルのお仕事は、ライブ以外にも映画やCM出演などさまざま!『IDOL FANTASY』では、「アイドルたちと映像作品を一緒に作り上げる体験」「テレビでアイドルを見る感覚」を皆様に提供いたします。






古川 慎 / 熊谷 健太郎 / 増田 俊樹 / ランズベリー・アーサー / 村瀬 歩 / 八代 拓 / 上村 祐翔 / 白井 悠介 / 寺島 惇太 / 大須賀 純 / 鈴木 裕斗 / 大河 元気 / 代永 翼 / 花江 夏樹 / 山本 和臣 / 沢城 千春 / 畠中 祐 / 榎木 淳弥 / 谷地 克文 / 畠山 遼 / 小野 賢章 / 土屋 神葉 / 豊永 利行 / 櫻井 孝宏 / 小西 克幸 / 子安 武人 / 石田 彰

小林元 / 泉沢康久 / ロベルト・フェラーリ / 野村哲也
キリシマソウ / 悌太 / 鈴木次郎 / memo / Izumi
ヨシノサツキ / 赤井ヒガサ / あいだいろ / 七都サマコ



AQUOS EVER / AQUOS SERIE / AQUOS Xx3 / arrows NX / Galaxy Feel / Galaxy S7 edge / Galaxy S7 edge / Galaxy S8 / Galaxy S8+ / TORQUE / XperiaZ5 Premium / Xperia™ XZ / XperiaTM XZs / XperiaTM X Compact / Xperia XZ Premium / AQUOS sense / Xperia XZ1 / Xperia XZ1 Compact / arrows NX / MONO / AQUOS R compact / isai V30+ / Galaxy Note8

このアプリケーションには、(株)CRI・ミドルウェアの「CRIWARE (TM)」が使用されています。
Square Enix is ​​give a luxury character designer and cast, fantasy × idol training game!

“- finally, it was met to you.”

So saying idol that bring out suddenly you. Their real figure is what fantasy world of brave like us …! ?

The “IDOL FANTASY”, and the character design is Square Enix by various circles of the popular writer team, such as animation, games, comics, is a luxurious actors give in “Fantasy × idol training game that put the magic of Tokimeki”.

The idols, which made its debut in the real world, there is a secret that does not say in person.
It is, their is a “sword and magic of the world”, that’s the hero who came from the “fantasy world” thing.
Is a player you are, we aim to top idol together become the idols of the manager!

Idol of your work, also various such as movies and CM appearances other than live! In the “IDOL FANTASY”, it will provide a “make up the idols and video work together experience,” “feel to see the idol on TV” to everyone.

[Official site]
[Official Twitter]

◆ ◇ of the game features ◇ ◆

And full-scale quality live by the 3D model character, movie, you can enjoy the scene of the work of various idol such as the shooting scene of the TV show!
In the live, also to enjoy the only favorite characters in pushing the camera!?

Peep their fantasy world!
Such as “brave” and “spirit”, I would enjoy the original form with a gap!

Equipped with a “scenario synchro system” that the relationship between the characters is changed!
Correlation diagram changes and the changes of relationship, also a special scenario occurs!?

The real world and the fantasy world stage, aimed at both the top idol will be their manager story!
Inexperienced in this real world, the things that they learn through the idle -?

◆ ◇ gorgeous cast ◇ ◆
Makoto Furukawa / Kentaro Kumagai / Toshiki Masuda / Lansbury Arthur / Ayumi Murase / Taku Yashiro / Uemura YuSho / Shirai Yusuke / Terashima AtsushiFutoshi / jun osuka / Suzuki Hiroshito / taiga Genki / Tsubasa Yonaga / Natsuki Hanae / Kazu Yamamoto Minister / Sawashiro Chiharu / Yu Hatanaka / Enoki AtsushiWataru / Yachi Katsubun / Liao Hatakeyama / Kenshō Ono / Tsuchiya KamiYo / Toshiyuki Toyonaga / Takahiro Sakurai / Katsuyuki Konishi / Takehito Koyasu / Akira Ishida

◆ ◇ luxury character designer ◇ ◆
Hajime Kobayashi / Yasuhisa Izumisawa / Roberto Ferrari / Tetsuya Nomura
Kirishimasou / 悌太 / Jiro Suzuki / memo / Izumi
Yoshinosatsuki / Akai parasol / during Colors / seven Metropolitan Samako

◆ ◇ Recommended environment ◇ ◆

OS: Android5.0 or more
CPU: 2.5GHz or higher
RAM: 3GB or more
Necessary capacity: 1GB or more

◆ ◇ recommended terminal ◇ ◆
AQUOS EVER / AQUOS SERIE / AQUOS Xx3 / arrows NX / Galaxy Feel / Galaxy S7 edge / Galaxy S7 edge / Galaxy S8 / Galaxy S8 + / TORQUE / XperiaZ5 Premium / Xperia ™ XZ / XperiaTM XZs / XperiaTM X Compact / Xperia XZ Premium / AQUOS sense / Xperia XZ1 / Xperia XZ1 Compact / arrows NX / MONO / AQUOS R compact / isai V30 + / Galaxy Note8

This application, has been used “CRIWARE (TM)” in the (stock) CRI · middleware.

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