Download 龍之氣息 – 兩個世界  APK, APK MOD, 龍之氣息 – 兩個世界 Cheat

Download 龍之氣息 – 兩個世界 APK, APK MOD, 龍之氣息 – 兩個世界 Cheat

8.0 (1573)Games, Role Playing

App Information of 龍之氣息 - 兩個世界

App Name 龍之氣息 - 兩個世界
Package Name com.Company.BreathofDragons
Rating 8.0 ( 1573 )
Size 483.8 MB
Requirement Android 4.3+
Installs 10,000+

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Description of 龍之氣息 - 兩個世界

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龍之氣息 – 兩個世界 Cheat

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o 死了要重來的冒險世界

作者希望打造一個讓玩家可以體驗冒險感覺的玩法, 課金的幫助不多,
而且遊戲里教學不多, 難度非常高,喜歡挑戰的玩家千萬要留意這款的動向了



▼ 史無前例最高自由度ARPG
成為六百多隻寵物的其中一名隻 ! 你可以控制人類,龍,小動物,機械人,獸人等等不同種類的寵物,遊戲採無鎖定攻擊,超高自由度操作破壞場景、拿取物件、飛上天空、潛入海底、無限連招,格擋,力量壓制等技能,絕對給你有如臨場感受,身歷其境的打擊快感!

▼ 線上積分 讓大家可以比較訓練的寵物 PVP系統
不管你是什麼寵物,只要你努力訓練,絕對有可能成為神話的人物!進入 1VS1 單挑積分 可以訓練寵物的每級成長潛力,進入 5VS5 可以提升寵物的完美值,以及大量賺取商城幣

▼ 即時全球狩獵地圖出現BOSS

▼ 被黑暗侵蝕的世界,需要你挺身而出!

▼ 培養專屬於你的角色的”潛力系統”

▼ 利用角色完美值讓角色能與龍的力量結合 的”完美系統”
龍有五段變身,寵物有完美值,除了提高整體能力之外,達到某個地步就會開放龍氣息的其中一段變身,例如龍之翼,擁有5種不同顏色不同效果的龍翼,除了外觀上可以有10萬種的變化, 附加的效果更是由你來決定,打造出萬中無一的角色

▼ 技能系統 任意學習任何別人的招數

帶著美女、帥哥、小動物、機械人、龍等各種寵物一起冒險,就能變得更強,即刻與寵物們一起快樂地展開冒險吧! 享受與心愛的寵物一起成長,一起變強,一起生活的快樂!

龍之氣息的世界正在漸漸地擴大中!從一開始的海峽村、泥怪洞地區到現在的寶收藏之城,漠古草原,,每個地圖都有不同的傳說之龍守護, 而且也可以遇到傳說之龍的1等級,讓他成為你的寵物, 將來會有更多的大地圖,也會面臨越來越強的怪物們! 還有美麗背景的夢幻之地,千萬不能錯過喔!


o 官方粉絲團
o 官方論壇

[New Content]
o dead again to the world of adventure

The authors hope to create a sense of adventure so that players can experience gameplay, not much help class gold,
And much teaching the game, the difficulty is very high, like to challenge players do pay attention to this trend of
Another game balance is the most important Dragon breath of place, it does not have the following features
– raids
– Disposable

** Requires internet connection.

▼ The new efficient way to create high-quality high-efficiency hand tour
Use light imitation, imitation shadow, color enhanced, so that substantial improvements in quality, while retaining the smooth efficiency, and create a new generation of high-performance pinnacle of big RPG mobile game!

▼ highest degree of freedom unprecedented ARPG
More than six pets become one of the only! You can control humans, dragons, animals, robots, orcs and so different types of pets, the game taken no lock attack, high degree of freedom damage operation scene, pick up objects, into the sky, seabed, unlimited combo, block, pressing force and other skills, you definitely feel like a spot, immersive combat pleasure!

▼ integral online training so that we can compare pet PVP system
No matter what your pet, as long as you work hard, there is likely to be the absolute figure of myth! 1VS1 singled integration into the growth potential of each level can be trained pet, enter 5VS5 can enhance the value of the perfect pet, and earn a lot of money Mall

▼ hunting immediate global map appears BOSS
Hunting will occasionally be some powerful BOSS, beat him will have the opportunity to get his body outside, there will be a lot of different rewards, you can support some friends together to defeat undermine world peace BOSS

▼ eroded by darkness in the world, you need to stand up!
Dragon created the world, in order to protect not to destroy Tiamat, Tiamat able to resist the destruction of the world Tarrasque bomb … with the last dragon’s power, the power of the majority Tarrasque seal. Now, the Dragon is gone, are you willing to come forward, together to resist these forces of darkness do?

▼ training exclusively for your role of “system potential”
Has so extremely careful of his characters, of course, to cultivate a different mass public role! Freedom of highest potential distribution point, so you have a limitless combinations may easily try a variety of different routines.

▼ values ​​make perfect use of the role of role can be combined with the power of the Dragon “perfect system”
Long period of five incarnations perfect pet has value, in addition to improving the overall capabilities, reach a certain point where it will open a period which turned dragon breath, such as Dragon Wings, have different effects of five different colors dragon wings, in addition to the appearance can vary 100,000 titles, an additional effect is up to you to create a one in a million roles

▼ learn any skill system any others tricks
This is one of the main features of this work, pets can learn to fight through each other’s skills, whether the opponent is a legend of the Dragon King, powerful BOSS, as well as any special pet, you can fight through his own skills and learning! Kinds of tricks also over more injuries, state, blood, strengthen, call control, deified, Long turned, fighting, etc. different skills will definitely affect the strength of your pet.

▼ pet system
With beauty, adventure guy, small animals, robots, dragons and other pets together, we can become stronger, it instantly happy adventures with pets! Enjoy grow together with beloved pets become strong together, live together happy!

▼ diverse adventure Town
Dragon breath of the world are gradually expanding! From the beginning of the Straits village, mud strange holes to treasure My areas of the city now, the ancient desert grassland ,, Each map has a different legend of the dragon guardian, but also encountered the legend of the dragon 1 grade, let him be your pet, there will be more big map, will face more powerful monsters! there are beautiful backdrop of fantasy land, do not miss Oh !

– This software plot involving violence, according to the classification of game software hierarchical management based method supplemented by 12
– This game is free to use, offers to buy virtual game currency, items such as payment services within the game
– Please note that the game time, please suddenly obsessed

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o official fan group
o official forum

If you encounter problems in the game, please submit to staff by fans.
Read permission application is to perform basic operations required for the game, we will not collect personal information in your phone.

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