Free Download 高校の怪談  APK, APK MOD, 高校の怪談 Cheat

Free Download 高校の怪談 APK, APK MOD, 高校の怪談 Cheat

App Information of 高校の怪談

App Name 高校の怪談 APK MOD
Package Name atelierent.soft.OtS .mod.apk
Rating ( 30 )
Size 49.6 MB
Requirement Android 2.3.2+
Installs 1,000+
Category Adventure, Games

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Description of 高校の怪談

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高校の怪談 Cheat

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退屈な作業や通勤時間のお供に音だけAVG 高校の怪談。


主人公の名前は「河内 空太(かわうち そらた)」しがない高校生2年生


「私、和泉鏡香(いずみ きょうか)って言います。」



 協力:劇団ウンウンウニウム /ProjectSML/Di-Acute
 監督・演出:渡辺俊雅 / トキータ・メンバッカ
 原作:三ヶ日きりゅー / 渡辺俊雅
 河内 空太:今井梢平
 和泉 鏡香:藤浪加奈
 高野 美由紀:micco
 初崎 唯:山盛由果
 山城部長: 大盛り桂子
 田中先生: 生田祥太
 橋本 優津樹:藤宮虎太郎
 関本 ひとみ:熱海彩佳
 七原冬雪 / 渡辺俊雅 / 青田あり恵 / ふくだかよ
 elas / Phiro
 モデル:ジジ/ ケイム / アリス
 トレーラー: Phiro

[Android Phone]
・P-01D ・Xperia acro ・DIGNO ISW11K ・GALAXY Note 3
[Android Tab]
・SGPT111JP/S ・nexus7



Psychic experience that occurs hero auditory hallucination is heard
Tokiakase a ghost story that takes place at school in your reasoning!

People rely 90% of the information on the visual.
But, just what is visible to the eye is not everything …
Choose not looking at the screen in the game!
Mystery suspense horror adventure to proceed only in the sound that specializes in spare time play
Also turn off the screen can be operated!

Non-look control the play and volume buttons only in the sound off the screen
Realize “while playing” the ultimate friendly society without fear to be distracted by the screen in the walk Smartphone!
Only sound to accompany the tedious work and commuting time of AVG high school ghost story.

Dedicated website

The name of the main character is “Kawachi SoraFutoshi (Sendai was empty)” Shiganai sophomore high school students
At school just incorporated in April in vogue is ghost story is also the high school.
But since the death of my father when I was a 6-year-old, sometimes hero auditory hallucinations would be heard
Ghost story is not so much love.
Always, resulting in the earphone in order to divert herself in with auditory hallucination …

But I thought I try to enjoy the flowers of high school life in the long-awaited high school
It ‘s, also Is not dark high school life can not be friends.

“Application of provisional join the club, do not put out? That was written already, only you?”
“I will say I Izumi Kaoru Kagami (Kyoka Izumi).”
“If you feel up to it or do not you come to my entered in that club?”

…… That this encounter is going to change the future of the hero
Winding occur incident, and to love

Reply from the studio rent will be from the domain
If the reply is required we would like you to the permission of the domain.

Production: atelierent
Cooperation: troupe unununium / ProjectSML / Di-Acute
Director – Director: Watanabe ShunMasashi / Tokita-Menbakka
Original: Mikkabi-out Liu / Watanabe ShunMasashi
Kawachi SoraFutoshi: Imai Kozuetaira
Izumi KagamiKaoru: Kana Fujinami
Miyuki Takano: micco
Hatsusaki only: YamaSakari floor
Yamashiro Director: generous helping Keiko
Tanaka: Ikuta Shota
Hashimoto YuTsu trees: Torataro Fujimiya
Hitomi Sekimoto: Atami Ayaka
Teacher-Ryuta Kongo Father: Ozone Mansho (Couleur)
Hanayo Asaka and students A · Sayanyan: Yoshii Sunae
System nurse, student B: Kazumi Ishizaki
■ acoustic
Theme: 禾悠 true
Song: Tokion Ling
BGM: elas
■ Design
Shichihara Fuyuyuki / Watanabe ShunMasashi / Qingtian There Megumi / Fukudakayo
■ program
elas / Phiro
■ Public Relations
Model: Gigi / Keim / Alice
Hair stylist: Atsuo Noda
Trailer: Phiro

[Verified Model List]
[Android Phone]
· GALAXY S · INFOBAR A01 · IS05 · Lynx 3D · MEDIAS
· P-01D · Xperia acro · DIGNO ISW11K · GALAXY Note 3
[Android Tab]
· SGPT111JP / S · nexus7

[Corresponding environment]
Android2.3 or more

If it is downloaded, you agree to the license below.
Copyright of this application are the property of their atelierent (studio rent).
· By using this application will not be compensated in atelierent (studio rent) for any disadvantage experienced by the user.
Operation verification models there in the operation check in atelierent (studio rent), does not guarantee the behavior of all users of everyone in the environment.

※ If the SD card has not been inserted not been saved.

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