Download 絶対迷路 APK, APK MOD, Cheat

Download 絶対迷路 APK, APK MOD, Cheat

App Information of 絶対迷路

App Name 絶対迷路 APK MOD
Package Name com.GreenBit.absolutemaze .mod.apk
Version 0.4.4
Rating ( 2 )
Size 53.2 MB
Requirement Android 5.0+
Updated 2018-10-01
Installs 100+
Category Adventure, Games

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Description of 絶対迷路

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・このゲームはまだ開発中ですm(_ _)m



「Wingless Seraph」様


「For You」様
【how to play】
Suddenly, I lost my way into a mysterious maze standing in the sky. Please discover the key hidden somewhere in the maze and safely escape from Tibira (exit). There are numerous traps such as pitfalls, doors of fakes, death gods in this maze. Let’s break through by using the map and direction magnet. The number of steps until escape is the evaluation of the clear level. Please escape from the maze with fewer steps.

·Method of operation
Tap & Up Swipe: Advance
Right swipe: turn left (can be changed by setting)
Left Swipe: Right turn (Can be changed by setting)
Swipe down: retreat

· First let’s find the key
Unfortunately, the exit “Tobira” is locked, so you can not escape even if you get lucky. “Key” is hidden somewhere in this maze. First find “key” and open “Tobira” and escape.

· Ability to understand the map is necessary
Your only weapon is “map”. You can see the map by tapping the “Map” button at the top right of the screen. Please read the map and step by step while guessing your current position. The direction in which you are facing is displayed in the “azimuth magnet” at the bottom left of the screen.

· Push the hint button when you do not understand!
When clicking the “Hint” button at the left end of the map, your position, key position and death god position will be displayed on the map only for 33 seconds. However, it consumes 1 point for the hint point (upper right of the main screen), so here it is! Let’s use it only when it is called.

· Evaluation when the total number of steps is cleared
Advance step by step until escape, the total number of steps will be an evaluation at the time of clearing, affecting the number of stars acquired. The new stage will be released by winning lots of stars. Please aim at clearing with fewer steps.

· Challenge mode addition!
Pitfalls? Reaper? ,Hmm. Too marginal … … For you, we added a more tight mode “challenge mode”! If there is a limit on the number of steps to escape and you can not come out within limits it is a game over soon and the “hint” which is the hope of request is not a stage for advanced users who can not see. You can challenge by pressing the “Challenge” button in the lower left after selecting the three already-acquired stages.

· This game is still under development m (_ _) m
Although it is schedule of all 100 stages, only 30 stages are released in the current version (Xie) It is fortunate that we can wait patiently as we plan to increase the stage while updating the version

Providing material

BGM · sound effect
Dear Mr. Demon King,

Dear “Wingless Seraph”

Dear “Pocket Sound”

Mask image
Dear “For You”

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