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交響性ミリオンアーサー Cheat

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主題歌:Birth of Legend(歌:水樹奈々)

雨宮 天、井口裕香、井澤詩織、伊藤かな恵、井上麻里奈、内山昂輝、大久保瑠美、
芹澤 優、浪川大輔、新田恵海、花澤香菜、早見沙織、潘めぐみ、松岡禎丞、水瀬いのり、
村川梨衣、村瀬 歩、森川智之、矢作紗友里、悠木 碧、ゆかな etc

逢倉千尋、文倉 十、伊藤龍馬、兎塚エイジ、閏 月戈、エムド、CUTEG、きんぎん、




The story of a new Million Arthur where “legend” and “myth” intersect —

Following “diffusivity” “divergence”, “Million Arthur” series new work!

Set in the future Britain,
Adventure with the new Merlin and the new round table knights.
Series new character Hunt action RPG!

■ □ ■ Game introduction ■ □ ■

◇ The first character hunt action RPG in the series!
Beat the familiar knights who appear in various parts of Bulletin, let’s make friends!
Attend a favorite knight and challenge the threat to approach Britain!

◇ Abundant character making!
Choose features of face, hair, voice in character make-up, and create your own original Arthur!
Choose your favorite play style with job!
Enhance weapons and armor, skills, nurture characters and challenge the mighty enemies!

◇ A story spun by super luxury staff!
Scenario supervision: Kamaka Kazuma
Music: Yoko Shimomura
Character draft: BUNBUN
Main Illustrator: Yoshitaka Ushiki, Shonin
Theme Song: Birth of Legend (Song: Nana Mizuki)

◇ Character voice by gorgeous voice actors!
Amamiya Ten, Iguchi Yuka, Isozawa Shiori, Ito Kanae, Inoue Makina, Uchiyama Kiki, Okubo Rumi,
Okiayu Ryotaro, Kamiya Hiroshi, Kawahara Yoshihisa, Kuroda Takaya, Sakura Ayane, Sawashiro Miyuki, Shinya Mayumi,
Serizawa Yu, Namikawa Daisuke, Nitta Megumi, Hanazawa Kana, Hayasawa Saori, Megumi Ban, Masaoka Sadyo, Mizuno Inori,
Murakawa Rika, Murase Ayumi, Morikawa Tomoyuki, Yahara Sheraton, Yuki Ai, Yukana etc etc

◇ Lively characters full of prominent illustrators!
Chiki Okura, Tenchi Fumogura, Ryoma Ito, Rabbit Tempa, Leap Moon, Emed, CUTEG, Kinpin,
saberiii, Kunihiro, NIL, Ya Treasure Equipment, Tinplate, Ponkan ⑧, Maki, Ruroo

■ □ ■ Story ■ □ ■
The future far far since the battle over Arthur and Excalibur ceased to end.
The disturbance broke out in Britain as a result of someone suddenly robbed Camelot castle who was the base.
At the same time, the invasion by foreign enemies and demons who threatened Britain also intensified.
Britain was trying to follow the collapse.

To flatten the confusion of Britain and to recapture Camelot,
One girl named “Merlin” is a floating city “Skisburznir”
Create a new “Round Table knight” and a new “Excalibur”.

“Always recapture Camelot, let’s overcome the destiny of the gods”

And the King of the Dragon that will save the world
I started selecting “Arthur” —

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