Download アークザラッド R APK, APK MOD, Cheat

Download アークザラッド R APK, APK MOD, Cheat

Description of アークザラッド R

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アークザラッド R Cheat

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『アークザラッド R(アール)』は本格王道シミュレーションRPGです。新たな主人公であるハルトの視点から、世界を取り巻く悪意に立ち向かう物語です。過去の英雄達もプレイアブルキャラクターとして登場。

『アークザラッド Ⅱ』 のエンディングからその後の世界を描く物語。世界の人口と大陸の半数を失った大規模災害「大崩壊」から10年。復興を推し進める国の1つ、水上都市国家・ミルマーナ。聖櫃戦争(せいひつせんそう)の英雄の1人であるサニア公女が国の代表として復興を指揮していた。

主人公・ハルト は、ミルマーナの自警団に所属する少年。彼が付近の村を襲った大国アルディアの戦艦より、謎の少女・ミズハを救出したことから、止まっていた運命の歯車が再び動き始める。




『アークザラッド R』の世界を冒険するメインシナリオに加えて、仲間キャラクターの育成、武器や防具などの装備品作成や強化、他のプレイヤーとの勝負など充実のコンテンツ!




Android5.0以上 (RAM2GB以上)

▼ Features of the game
It has colored the dawn of PlayStation®
Completely new work of the masterpiece “Arc the Lad”

■ Game Outline
“Arkzarad R (Earl)” is a real royal road simulation RPG. From the point of view of Hart which is a new hero, it is a story that confronts the malice surrounding the world. Past heroes also appeared as playable characters.

■ Prologue
A story depicting the world after the ending of “Arkzalad Ⅱ”. It is 10 years since the massive disaster “great collapse” that lost the world population and half of the continent. One of the countries that will promote reconstruction, Watercity City State / Milmarna. A public woman named Sonia, one of the heroes of the Seisakusho, was directing the reconstruction as a representative of the country.

Hero is the boy who belongs to the vigilante of Mirma. The rescued girl Mizuha, a mysterious girl, was rescued from the battle ship of Ardia, the powerhouse that he hit nearby villages, and the gear of fate that had stopped started moving again.

■ Battle system
Realize a highly strategic simulation battle!
Let’s carry the war situation favorably by making use of rolling and using organization and individual skill!
Move the character with a simple operation, capture enemy team like shogi, shielding while preventing counterattack from the enemy.
Destroy enemies with flashy active skills!

■ Character breeding
All characters can evolve to the highest reality ★ 5! Also, if you acquire the same character, it will change to a material called Spirit (soul), and you can further open the ability by using it for the spirit board prepared for each character! Enjoy the character’s growth as much as you can!

■ Numbers of content that you can play repeatedly
“Underground ruins of the ancient king”, “Hunters Guild” “Stadium” and so on, plenty of familiar ingenuity elements!

Besides the main scenario of adventuring the world of “Arc the Rat R”, fulfilling fellow characters, creating and strengthening equipment such as weapons and protective gears, and fulfilling content with other players!

◆ ◇ luxurious voice actors appeared! ◇ ◆
Nakajima Yoshiki / Asahina Maruya / Kohno Seki / Yoshiaki Ono / Yoaki Mizuki / Daisuke Mizukawa / Junichi Suwabe / Yi Miura Rika Murakawa / Yumi Hanamori / Kenio Horiuchi / Yu Hatanaka / Saito Chiwa / Tanaka Ayumi / Tanaka Ami / Tanaka Maya / Yoshioka Maya / Kawahara Yoshihisa / Asari Ryota / Nanase Aya Summer / Takayanagi Tomaba / Yuki Sato / Yuki Sato / Yuki Sato / Yuki Kikuchi / Yoshinobu Kadomoto / / Hideyuki Umeda / Hideyuki Uemuri / Haruka Kamura / Junya Enoki / Tsuyoshi Ooyama / Shusuke Takeuchi / Kumiko Higa / Kana Ichinose / Yuichi Ishigami / Sakura Nakamura / Sho Nogami

◆ ◇ “ARKZARAD Ⅰ · Ⅱ” original staff gathered ◇ ◆
○ Planning · original plan · game design
Toshiro Tsuchida
○ Scenario
○ Original draft · supervision
Eiji Koyama, Ryuichi Kunimata, Hiroshi Hayashi
○ Music
Masanori Ando (T-SQUARE)

◆ ◇ What is “Arkzalad Ⅰ · Ⅱ” ◇ ◆
In 1995, as the first large RPG of PlayStation®, we released the first work of the “Arkzalad” series. The following year, the sequel “Arc the Rat II” was released, the story surrounding “Ark” was completed. It is a popular series of role playing games that garnered the support of many users from catchphrase “RPG of light and sound”, a flashy director, heavy sound giving depth to the story, and overwhelming recruitment elements.

[Recommended Operating Environment]
Android 5.0 or later (RAM 2 GB or more)

* For terminals that do not meet the above, it will not be covered by support or compensation
* Even if it meets the above, it may not operate properly depending on terminal performance and communication environment
Official website: https: //

App Information of アークザラッド R

App Name アークザラッド R
Package Name com.arctheladr.forwardworks
Version 1.1.0
Rating 10.0 ( 19080 )
Size 104.5 MB
Requirement Android 5.0+
Updated 2018-09-11
Installs 100,000+

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Uploaded August 28, 2018 15:59

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