Free Download 獵魂覺醒 1.0.402 APK, APK MOD, 獵魂覺醒 Cheat

Free Download 獵魂覺醒 1.0.402 APK, APK MOD, 獵魂覺醒 Cheat

App Information of 獵魂覺醒

App Name 獵魂覺醒 APK MOD
Package Name tw.xdg.and.lhjx .mod.apk
Version 1.0.402
Rating 8.8 ( 4090 )
Size 1.2 GB
Requirement Android 4.2+
Updated 2018-07-30
Installs 100,000+

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Description of 獵魂覺醒

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獵魂覺醒 Cheat

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◆ Chap.1 高牆之外,獸潮湧動

◆ Chap.2 成為獵人,或是獵物

◆ Chap.3 獵魂覺醒,斬龍滅獸

◆ Chap.4 戰團集結,共鬥強敵

To be continued…

The ultimate picture quality team hunting MMORPG!
The new weapon fighting mechanism, using the power of Prey bound behemoth, seven different styles of free switching.
Hunting and friends formed teams went real ecological monster wilderness, and the huge expansion of the Battle enemies.
Become a hunter or the prey!

◆ Chap.1 outside the walls, moving beast tide
After Ragnarok, the ruins of human survivors stood up again, create a new civilization surviving in this world, and name it Ailant (Errant, intended to abandon the world of the gods).
Dating back about 600 years ago, the Kingdom Ailant sudden a group of mysterious monster attacks, many cities were razed to the ground, very few survivors. The soldiers weapons useless for them, like nowhere near enough, these people will be very powerful monster called Behemoth (Behemoth). Ruler of a kingdom building made a desperate ring wall ring, tried to stop the monster, but only slightly slow the offensive only, in this situation, the extinction of mankind seems only a matter of time.

◆ Chap.2 become a hunter or prey
Despite the bleak situation, but there are a lot of people have not given up hope of victory. They waging battle with the monster, a little exchange valuable knowledge about the monster.
Finally, it was discovered that the power of monster hunting from their soul body, which contains Prey awareness and power of the ancient gods, the soul hunting monster mutation occurred, into the present form, and has driven them to attack and devour human power savings.

◆ Chap.3 Prey awakening, cut off the dragon beast
Some have to use force hunting the soul of humanity together, set up the Rangers organization (Rangers).
The next few centuries, the Rangers fighting in the front line against the monster, made great sacrifices again and again to save the kingdom from the threat of monster in Ailant. Despite the influx of animals successfully weathered several times, the territory of the Kingdom is greatly reduced, large tracts of land become a dangerous monster-infested wilderness.
After the lecture entitled “chaos Jackdaws of” civil war, the Rangers and the Kingdom of Ailant suffered a great disaster, greatly reduced the strength of the Rangers organization almost falling apart.

◆ Chap.4 battle group gathered, were fighting enemies
After the fifth wave of the invasion of the beast, a large number of fresh blood to join in support of the Kingdom, the Rangers organization gradually recovered forces before “Jackdaws chaos.”
Rangers are hunting team as a unit, assembled together to form one called “battle groups” fighting alliance with the great Battle of the enemy launched a desperate.
But can recover human homeland, destroy the monster, beast subtidal ability to cope with a large-scale occurred, is still unknown.

To be continued …

* Due to higher-quality game, you need to set aside about storage space for the installation of 3G

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