Download モンスターギア バーサス-アクションRPG-オンラインで協力プレイ  APK, APK MOD, モンスターギア バーサス-アクションRPG-オンラインで協力プレイ Cheat

Download モンスターギア バーサス-アクションRPG-オンラインで協力プレイ APK, APK MOD, モンスターギア バーサス-アクションRPG-オンラインで協力プレイ Cheat

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モンスターギア バーサス-アクションRPG-オンラインで協力プレイ Cheat

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2.「超激レア星6ジェネシス フォスフォラスギアセット(武器、頭、手足、胴の各装備)」を2体プレゼント!


1) ボタン3つでここまで楽しい!リアルタイムの指先アクションゲーム!

2) オンライン協力プレイで仲間とともに最強を目指せ!最大4人のマルチプレイが可能

3) 7つの武器で様々なバトルを展開!

4) モンスターの魂でつくられた装備『モンスターギア』

5) 3Dの大迫力モンスター達

6) ソウル(魂)とオーブでギアを強化しよう

7) 決めろ!必殺ギアバースト

8) モンスターを育成しよう

9) 全国のハンターと対戦!

10) ギルドメンバーとともに強敵に挑もう



アプリ本体:無料 *アイテム課金制
iOS7.0 以降、iPhone5 以降、iPad第3世代 以降
◆ ultra-Exclusive !! to those who now start the game
Such as 1.1000 or more of the ten rainbow of gear premium ticket, Gacha 230 times equivalent to a present!
2. “super Rhea stars 6 Genesis phospholipase Las gear set (arms, head, hands and feet, each equipped with the barrel),” the two bodies gift!
3. further development eggs also gifts of monster “Chronos”!
4. phosphonium awake materials and monsters of training materials in Las gear set also presents!
※ login bonus, meeting together bonus, to enter the hand in the title won at the time of remuneration.

————————————————– ——–
◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ Game description ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆
————————————————– ——–
Complete form of the new era action games to play for free! Button three in simple fingertip action!

1) button 3 Tsude fun up here! Real-time fingertip action game!
Attack, defense, surprisingly powerful battle is deployed in three buttons of the special attack!
Trying to experience the exhilarating action game a new sense!

2) with fellow online cooperative play Aim the strongest Up to 4 people of multiplayer is possible
White defeated the formidable enemy in cooperation with fellow! Leading to strategies and the respective roles victory!
Making full use of strategy, aim the victory with fellow!
Multiplayer is also richly reward everyone can participate! Further multi-bonus in the stamina of one person!
The definitive edition of the online cooperative game! Have fun with multiplayer!

3) 7 one of the weapons in developing a variety of battle!
Large sword, twin sword, lance, hammer, bow, cannon, cane. By mastering each of the weapons defeat the monster and dragon !!
Let’s change the equipment in accordance with the compatibility of the monster (the gear)!
Defeat the attack coming monsters and dragons, Aim the strongest of Monster Hunter !!
Strategy game that made full use of the gear, “Mongia”!

4) equipment that has been made in the soul of the monster “Monster Gear”
Advance the quest, play against a variety of monsters and strongly gear! Combination of equipment is more than 100 million ways! Attempts to find a gear equipped with your favorite!
Join Now playing “Mongia” the match game can enjoy with the monsters!

5) large and powerful monsters of 3D
More than 200 kinds of monsters spree movement through the smartphone. Trying to destroy assess the enemy of behavior patterns!
Now experience !! a new sense of monster hunting game of

6) tries to strengthen the gear in the Orb and Seoul (soul)
Awakening and evolution of the gear in Seoul! Orb wearing holds the key to gear strengthening!

7) Kimero! Deadly gear burst
Large damage !! monsters in flashy! Exhilarating! Gear burst, which is included with each gear
Advantageously Susumeyo try the action RPG “Mongia”!

8) tries to foster monster
In rare cases the egg drop and defeat the monster. Tsukuriagero the strongest deck to nurture the monster of your own!
As monsters began to dragon, 混蟲 such, God beasts, such as aquatic such a wide variety!
Your favorite monster can develop!
Grow a monster of only Kimi in the monster training game “Mongia”!

9) nationwide Hunter and play!
New content “Hunter competition”! Aim the strongest Monster Hunter!
Fighting game of the national hunters online can enjoy!

10) will psyched to formidable enemy with guild members
Formed a guild to gather the hunter! Get ready for guild battle!
Game “Mongia” to fight together with friends online!
Aim for a vertex in the guild battle!
Let’s play right now in guild-based game!

Enjoy the online co-op along with the action game! Fellow to play for free!

————————————————– ——–
◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ story ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆
————————————————– ——–
A long time ago … this world is dominated by a huge monster, human beings had been sent a life that frightened the monster ….
On one occasion, God I thought the situation in the pity is, take away half the soul of the monster changed to “armor”, gave it to human beings.
To “armor” is dwells the power of the monster, man was dressed in “armor” will be able to fight on par with monsters.
… In this way, human beings end the era that is dominated by the monster, began the era of the long struggle.

————————————————– ——–
□ ■ try to check the latest information on the official Twitter account! ■ □
◆ official Twitter account: @mon_gear
————————————————– ——–
□ ■ app price ■ □
Apps body: Free * free-to-play system
————————————————– ——–
□ ■ Recommended terminal ■ □
Later iOS7.0, iPhone5 or later, iPad third generation or later
————————————————– ——–
□ ■ contact us here ■ □
Contact, such as problems and requests, we ask that you please contact us from the Contact Us page of the application after startup menu.
In addition, you also can contact us from the following URL.


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App Name モンスターギア バーサス-アクションRPG-オンラインで協力プレイ
Package Name com.sega.monstergear
Rating ( 30388 )
Size 31.4 MB
Requirement Android 4.0+
Installs 1,000,000+
Category Action, Games

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