Download 開局 (港式麻雀、碰槓牌、德州撲克、魚蝦蟹、大細、黃金馬、老虎機、接龍) APK, APK MOD, Cheat

Download 開局 (港式麻雀、碰槓牌、德州撲克、魚蝦蟹、大細、黃金馬、老虎機、接龍) APK, APK MOD, Cheat

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App Information of 開局 (港式麻雀、碰槓牌、德州撲克、魚蝦蟹、大細、黃金馬、老虎機、接龍)

App Name 開局 (港式麻雀、碰槓牌、德州撲克、魚蝦蟹、大細、黃金馬、老虎機、接龍) APK MOD
Package Name .mod.apk
Rating ( 8884 )
Size 27.6 MB
Requirement Android 4.0+
Installs 100,000+
Category Casino, Games

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Description of 開局 (港式麻雀、碰槓牌、德州撲克、魚蝦蟹、大細、黃金馬、老虎機、接龍)

Ever wanted to get free resources to 開局 (港式麻雀、碰槓牌、德州撲克、魚蝦蟹、大細、黃金馬、老虎機、接龍)? Ever wanted to climb to the Peak of the leaderboards in 開局 (港式麻雀、碰槓牌、德州撲克、魚蝦蟹、大細、黃金馬、老虎機、接龍)? | Then you have found the right location. Together with the 開局 (港式麻雀、碰槓牌、德州撲克、魚蝦蟹、大細、黃金馬、老虎機、接龍) Cheats, you determine how many resources you need to be added to your accounts. In theory, obtain Unlimited resources, which can be used to purchase the best item. Together with the top cards, you are going to be able to build a wonderful item and thereby climb towards the top.

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開局 (港式麻雀、碰槓牌、德州撲克、魚蝦蟹、大細、黃金馬、老虎機、接龍) Cheat

Together with the 開局 (港式麻雀、碰槓牌、德州撲克、魚蝦蟹、大細、黃金馬、老虎機、接龍) Hack, you will not only be an ordinary player. You will be an unstoppable force that is not to be reckoned with. You will be able to construct the most powerful item the item you always desired, and the OP item that your favorite streamer is using. The times of struggling on the battle are thanks to our 開局 (港式麻雀、碰槓牌、德州撲克、魚蝦蟹、大細、黃金馬、老虎機、接龍) Cheat. All our 開局 (港式麻雀、碰槓牌、德州撲克、魚蝦蟹、大細、黃金馬、老虎機、接龍) Cheats are completely compatible with all of the modern devices: Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry and more. Want to know what the best thing is? It only takes you up to 5 minutes to generate yourself thousands of jewels and coins. What exactly are you waiting for? |} Why would you invest thousands of money on the sport once we can allow you to get jewels for free!


– 正宗《港式麻雀》玩法,嚴選 30 款港式麻雀牌型。
– 萬人在線、真人對戰,一番、三番起胡任您揀。
– 獨有半辣上、一炮雙響等計分機制!

【碰槓牌】遊戲特色 new~
– 又名跑馬仔,准碰唔准上,開槓即收錢,自摸獎馬!
– 節奏流暢,玩法刺激,近期流行的麻雀遊戲…

– 全「港」一叮,揀中偶像隨時一夜暴富!
– 結合搞笑粵語配音嘅轉盤遊戲,聽下評判有咩comment先~

– 金錢、葫蘆、雞,民間經典、高度還原!

– 多款主題老虎機任您揀,還有最新登場的《維京海盜老虎機》!
– 進入 Bonus Game 即可大量搜刮金幣!當然不少得巨額 Jackpot!

– 真人對戰、一嚐賭桌前的 All in 快感!
– 每天上演獎金賽,智慧角力 大鬥牌技,成為德撲王者!

– 採用兩副牌玩法,瞬間組成夢幻組合,Jackpot馬上中!
– 每日排名賽獎金天天送,成為神槍手啦!

– 經典接龍玩法,超高解牌率,遊戲大滿足。
– 靈活運用道具,無解變全解,關鍵時刻『逆轉』勝利!
– 解牌玩轉盤,幸運贏大獎!

– 『百搭』黃金骰,依照賠率贏取更多金幣!
– 每場贈送『黃金輪盤』,高達 500 倍獎金加碼送!
– 當黃金輪盤中獎時,亦有機會開出 Jackpot 大獎!

– 百搭『黃金馬』,神駒一出,個個都係大贏家。
– 獨贏/連贏,您想點贏就點贏~賠率高達 999 倍,看準就出手。
– 巨額 Jackpot 獎金大放送,場場押滿 200 金幣,即有機會中大獎!

– 本遊戲使用[粵語配音],玩起來份外親切!
– [精彩活動]專為香港玩家度身訂造的休閒活動。
– [新手任務]帶您體驗遊戲樂趣,達成任務獲獎勵。
– [每日任務]金幣、老虎機體驗券、獎章、多寶獎券天天送~
– [社群功能]加好友、留言板,約好時間開局無難度。
– [榮譽系統]個人成就、勳章、獎章,榮譽大蒐集!
– [軍團系統]讓你結交志同道合的朋友,參與賽事贏獎金!


客服電話:+852 8106-0822
辦公時間:週一至週六10:00-18:00 (星期日及公眾假期休息)

1. 請玩家保持行動裝置在接收到較強及穩定的訊號下,方好遊玩本遊戲。
2. 訊號不良引致斷線,機械人會以直摸直打的方式代打,直至玩家返回牌局。
3. 若玩家未能於牌局結束前返回,或斷線超過2次強制踢桌,系統將當惡意斷線收取懲罰金。
▶ latest game: hit bar card ◀
A battle of wits: touch bar card, Hong Kong-style sparrow, Texas Hold’em, happy 13, lucky Solitaire
Leisure and entertainment: even move the planet, large fine gold, gold horse, Yuxia
To deduct: Viking, pyramid, mermaids, Thief

[Sparrow] Hong Kong-style game features
– authentic “Hong Kong-style Sparrow” play, carefully selected 30 models of Hong Kong-style sparrow card type.
– people online, real war, some, any of Hu tripled since your pick.
– Unique top half hot, scoring mechanism such as a double-bang gun!

[Brand] bar touch game features new ~
– also known as Happy Valley, Aberdeen, quasi quasi-touch Well, the money that is open bar, Zimo prize horse!
– smooth rhythm, play exciting, the recent popular mahjong games …

[Move] game features dual planet
– Full “Hong Kong” a bite, feel free to pick the idol flourishes!
– Cantonese dubbing funny combination of generous turntable game, at first hearing judge Youmie comment ~

Yuxia] [Game Features
– Money, gourd, chicken, folk classic, highly reduced!

[Paradise] slot machine game features
 – with themed slot machine you-pick, as well as the latest stage of the “Viking slot machine”!
 – enter the Bonus Game can be a lot of plunder gold! Of course, many have huge Jackpot!

[Texas] Poker Game Features
– real battle, in front of a taste of tables All in pleasure!
– an everyday bonus race, wisdom wrestling big fight card technology, to become Germany bashing king!

[13] The game features fun
– using two cards are played, the composition of the instant dream combination, Jackpot immediately in!
– Daily tournaments prize every day to send, it becomes sharpshooter!

[Lucky] Solitaire Game Features
– Play classic Solitaire, high solution rate cards, game big meet.
– flexibility in the use of props, the whole solution, no solution becomes critical moment “reversal” of victory!
– de-brand disc Fun, lucky and win prizes!

[Gold] fine game features
– “wild” golden dice, in accordance with the odds of winning more gold!
– every gift “golden wheel” to send up to 500 times the bonus overweight!
– When roulette winning gold, but also organic bears flowers Jackpot prize!

[Horse] Gold Game Features
– wild “Golden Horse”, a stallion, all of them are all big winners.
– Win / Forecast, would you like to win on points – win up to 999 times odds, spotted on the shot.
– huge Jackpot prize big run, every game full of 200 gold coins bet, have a chance of winning!

[Start] Game Platform Introduction
– This game uses [Cantonese dubbing], to play up its duties gracious!
– [exciting activities] specially tailor-made for Hong Kong players leisure activities.
– [novice task] you to experience the fun of the game, won awards accomplish this task.
– [daily tasks] gold, slot machine experience voucher, medals, Treasure lottery every day to send ~
– [community features] add friends, message boards, appointment start time without difficulty.
– [Honor System] personal achievements, medals, medals, honors big collection!
– [Legion system] allows you to make like-minded friends, participate in competitions to win prizes!


Language Support: Traditional Chinese
Contact Customer Service:
Customer Service Tel: +852 8106-0822
Bangongshijian: Monday to Saturday 10: 00-18: 00 (Sundays and public holidays)

Connection requirements:
1. Please keep the players in the mobile device receives a signal strong and stable, a good side to play this game.
2. break caused by bad signal, the robot will touch straight pinch hit straight way, until the players return to the hand.
3. If a player fails to return before the end of the Board, or broken more than two times forced to play table, the system will break when the malicious charge penalty payments.
《碰槓牌》2018 新登場!准碰唔准上,開槓即收錢,自摸獎馬。即日起,免費開局!

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