Free Download Do Teen Panch – 235 Bridge APK, APK MOD, Cheat

Free Download Do Teen Panch – 235 Bridge APK, APK MOD, Cheat

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App Information of Do Teen Panch - 235 Bridge

App Name Do Teen Panch - 235 Bridge APK MOD
Package Name com.artoon.doteenpanch .mod.apk
Rating ( 160 )
Size 12.4 MB
Requirement Android 4.0.3+
Installs 10,000+
Category Card, Games

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Description of Do Teen Panch - 235 Bridge

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Do Teen Panch – 235 Bridge Cheat

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Play 2 3 5 (do teen panch) Card Game with 3 Players against opponents playing with high-level artificial intelligence. 2 3 5 is an Indian card game commonly known as “do teen panch” it’s also called ” teen do panch”
“3-2-5 (teen do panch)” or “2-3-5 (do teen panch)” is very similar to bridge, except that there are three players instead of four, and all play individually. There are a total of 3+2+5 = 10 possible tricks. On each trick, the highest of the led suit wins unless it is trumped or 7s of Hearts/Spades.
235 (do teen panch) has never-before-seen features making your card game play super easy and your “3-2-5 (teen do panch)” or “2-3-5 (do teen panch)” game that much more enjoyable.
How To Play “3-2-5 (teen do panch)” or “2-3-5 (do teen panch)” :-
– Each player becomes the dealer one by one.
– The dealer has to make 2 tricks, the next person (who chooses the trump) 5, and the third 3.
– Dealing the Cards – first distribute a set of 5 cards to each, as a single block of 5. The first person dealt to chooses the trump suit. Then the cards are dealt as another block of 5 to each player.
– First lead is by the player setting the trump, subsequent ones are by the one who wins the trick.
– The 7 of Hearts and 7 of Spades are highest trumps – the order does go 7 of Hearts, 7 of Spades, Ace of Trumps, and so on down.
– In the end if someone makes more than what is required of him (like the dealer makes 4 instead of 2), then he can ‘pick’ a card each for the extra tricks in the next round. i.e. if player 1 (the dealer) makes 4 and player 2 makes 2 (instead of 3) and player 3 makes 4 (instead of 5), then player 1 has the option of pulling one card each from the cards of player 2 and player 3 in the next round. In return, he can give back any of his unwanted (usually small) cards.
235 (do teen panch) is a strategic trick-based card game played by three players with a deck of 30 playing cards. The game is widely popular in India and in Nepal.
In each round total 10 hands can be made. Dealer has to make 2 hands. The next person (who chooses the trump) makes 5 and next player makes 3 hands.
If any player makes more hands than required, he gets privilege to pick cards from another player in the next round. (This is the most fun part)
After each round, hands will be calculated and after total rounds of play each players total rounds hands will be added as a total hands and player with highest total hands will win.
In short, 3-2-5 (teen do panch) or 2-3-5 (do teen panch) is indeed the best game app for Android devices. It comes with one simple-yet-effective User Interface and the best game play experience. Go ahead, download and start your world of rummy games.
Please don’t forget to Rate and Review 2 3 5 (do teen panch) Game. Any suggestions? We always love to hear from you and making this App better. Email us at
It’s time to euchre someone! Bored sitting at home or the subway? No problem, just launch 2 3 5 (do teen panch) and rack your brains and win!
Download 2 3 5 (do teen panch) this free app and start playing the game instantly.
Enhance user experience by fixing series of bugs and crashes.

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