Free Download 感染×少女  APK, APK MOD, 感染×少女 Cheat

Free Download 感染×少女 APK, APK MOD, 感染×少女 Cheat

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21XX 年、東京湾に浮かぶ人口島「渚輪ニュータウン」に、感染力の強い超毒性のウイルスが蔓延し、



・来栖崎 ひさぎ-くるすざき ひさぎ-(CV:小清水 亜美)
・樽神名 アド-たるみな あど-(CV:沼倉 愛美)
・百喰 恵-もぐ めぐみ-(CV:東山 奈央)
・甘噛 綴-あまがみ つづり-(CV:赤崎 千夏)
・三静寂 礼音-みしじま あやね-(CV:ゆかな)
・豹藤 やちる-ひょうどう やちる-(CV:井澤 詩織)
・蜂ノ巣 やいと-はちのす やいと-(CV:遠藤 綾)
・姫片 栗子-ひめかた りつこ-(CV:大原 さやか)


バトル中に集めた素材から、長剣、チェーンソー、弓矢、バズーカなどの武器、制服、白衣、バトルスーツなどの防具を作りだそう! 少女たちの所属している部活動で装備できるものが異なるぞ。






バトル中に、とどめの一撃「ブレイク」が発生することも!? ブレイクが発生すると、残ったゾンビをまとめて倒すことができる形勢逆転のチャンス!





◆ infection, growth … the limit of the story ◆
21XX year, the population of the island “Nagisawa New Town” floating in Tokyo Bay, the virus of strong infectious super-toxic spread,
People would be one after another zombie.
Had survived slightly escaped infection, only a certain age of the woman.
In a world where only survived “girl”, it is the only survivor, “boy” has appeared of memory loss.
And boys who lost their memory, girls fight in order to survive, uncover the hidden truth!
Popular writer “prisoner” draws adventure RPG of “Pretty × zombie”!

Game within the story is 500,000 or more characters, including the event scenario!
Development of the unexpected that betray a rewarding outstanding imagination is waiting.

◆ hurt when the body the virus is gradually eroded, Transient “infection battle” ◆
Girls fight at the risk of my life is, resulting in a virus infection when receiving a zombie attack.
The degree of infection is increased, a dangerous condition in every hurt!
But girls, exerts a hidden potential force each time the degree of infection is increased!
The only exists player to be able to control the “degree of infection”. Dominated the infection degree, whether victory in the fight against!

◆ survived “the girls” ◆
30 people or more of the gorgeous actors is, enthusiastically individuality rich girls to confront zombies!
In the world of extreme side-by-side with death, the fate that awaits the girls ….
Main story character
Cruz Saki Hisagi – Zaki Kurusu Hisagi – (CV: Ami Koshimizu)
· Tarushinmei ad – sagging of Ado – (CV: Manami Numakura)
· Hyaku喰 Megumi – Moxa Megumi – (CV: Nao Higashiyama)
· Ama噛 spelling – Amagami spelling – (CV: Chinatsu Akasaki)
· 3-silence Reion – only four hundred thousand Ayane – (CV: Yukana)
· Hyofuji Yachiru – Hyoudou Yachiru – (CV: Shiori Izawa)
· Honeycomb Yaito – beehive Yaito – (CV: Aya Endo)
· Himehen Ritsuko – Himekata Ritsuko – (CV: Sayaka Ohara)

◆ “personality” of the character ◆
The girls good weapon, respectively, skill, have a unique ability (special ability)
In addition to level and get the experience value is up, and rank up and use a specific item (evolution), also to change appearance with.
Set the party was taking advantage of the ability, it won the battle would Semaro to the heart of the story!

◆ “equipment group” to create ◆
From the material that was collected in a battle, you Tsukuridaso long sword, chain saws, bow and arrow, weapons such as bazooka, uniforms, lab coats, armor, such as a battle suit! It is different from those that can be equipped with extracurricular activities that belong girls.

◆ inherited “DNA” ◆
When harboring item the “DNA” to the girl, the girl can wear a special ability.
“A chance in the HP Recovery”, “item drop rate of 10% improvement”, such as “power 50% improvement of infection skills”, DNA and the combination of the girl more ways 2000!
DNA was obtained from the powerful enemy is, become valuable forces.
Further multiplied by the DNA between “change fused” Then, also that a new DNA appears!

◆ “infection battle system” of the danger and side-by-side ◆
The girls will receive a virus infection of the attack from zombies, the more you receive if Ukere the attack “infectivity” is rising ,,
Body go steeped in danger …

◇ of infection control ◇
The player, the infection of the girl can be “lower”. However, the lowering perhaps only, infection of the other girls “go up”.
… act to save one of the girls, while being tormented by a sense immorality that endanger the girls around, must survive the fight against zombies.

◇ infection skills ◇
Girls, are each have the “skills (deathblow)” unique.
It referred to as the “infection skills” because the will increase the power of the skills in proportion to the height of the infection degree.
Power is three-stage (stage).
Although infection level to trigger the skill is reset it is possible to avoid the “development”, to overcome the powerful enemy, also sometimes also need a high stage of skill.
Or to avoid the risk chop finely and immediately trigger the skills, or to trigger the risk and strong skills in exchange for “development” as soon as the player.

◇ onset virus ◇
If the infection of the girl reaches the maximum (limit), the virus is “developing”.
Onset and had girl, ego is lost, come to launch a strip the fangs attack the player.
To stop the attack, hurt the girl that has been fighting together, there is no way to other defeat.

◇ break ◇
During the battle, when the finishing blow “break” is also!? Break occurs to occur, the remaining chance of the situation reversed that zombies can beat together the!

◆ to challenge the high difficulty, get more rewards! “Extra Battle” ◆
In addition to the story quest to advance the main story overcomes the battle, there are a wide variety of mode, trying to challenge the extra battle!

◇ Limited quest ◇
Mode in which the contents of the battle under certain conditions different

◇ training quest ◇
Chara, training mode where you can obtain material for enhancing equipment

◇ raid Battle ◇
Mode in cooperation with other users fight the “powerful BOSS”

Limited quest, “dedicated item” acquired in the training quest can be exchanged for special items in the “black market”!
The higher the degree of difficulty, reward big!

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App Name 感染×少女
Package Name
Rating ( 2330 )
Size 53.7 MB
Requirement Android 4.1+
Installs 100,000+
Category Adventure, Games

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