Download 九州天空城3D-Novoland 1.2.2 APK, APK MOD, 九州天空城3D-Novoland Cheat

Download 九州天空城3D-Novoland 1.2.2 APK, APK MOD, 九州天空城3D-Novoland Cheat

App Information of 九州天空城3D-Novoland

App Name 九州天空城3D-Novoland APK MOD
Package Name .mod.apk
Version 1.2.2
Rating ( 545 )
Size 51.7 MB
Requirement Android 3.0+
Updated 2018-06-13
Installs 50,000+

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Description of 九州天空城3D-Novoland

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九州天空城3D-Novoland Cheat

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Kyushu Sky City 3D-Novoland is a genuine authority, love action Efun issued an oriental fantasy theme of the RPG hand tour. Adapted from the novel of the same name by the story of the game, the player to show the world where the past lives of Kyushu pains and sorrows! The game uses ultra-clear particle effects combined with the global dynamic lighting techniques, for the players to open an unprecedented feast for the senses!

A, PBR rendering technology, ultra-clear particle effects, real physical collision, vivid characterization equipment, fashion, picture, fights and other visual details; dreamy city sky, the stars and elegant Court, a scene and each object has emerged as crystal clear texture, the bits and pieces of 100% of the original King Kyushu mainland presentation.

Second, the global dynamic lighting, real-time simulation of dynamic light effects irradiation, seasons, 24-hour replacement, showing a realistic game space in line with the real world.

Third, the large world, people flying freedom to watch Sky City. Double features to the game as the core, the first multiplayer flight, players can invite a few friends together straight into the beautiful sky city, panoramic 360 ° no dead feel super free-flying world. Sky City game will also derived 720 degrees of freedom without locking accessibility of air combat.

I love the final runoff election
First, three of the five career races
Terran: Lan state of the earth’s oldest race, light and dark contradictions. They fear the pursuit of power and strength, peace-loving and had endless battle. Yu family: a chance coincidence, clear air and rising stars binding born immortal. Yu people have the ability to fly, but also doomed to vagrancy. Meizu: Charm has been a very lonely creatures, they have the body type is too Lolita, end his life to disguise themselves as other races.
Kyushu mainland most commendable career, there are offensive and defensive as one, Ranger and control them; Healing Hands, life-saving Tianhua; arrows without false hair, archery Tridax; confusion of people, wounding invisible Chant person; Scepter near the body, gorgeous destruction Mystic …… let Kyushu mainland more splendid scene.

Second, romantic love, choose your favorites
Intimate social game is a major bright spot, joking that soon, sworn mentoring, family associations, offline friends, family and other virtual core social elements, allowing players to get rid of the sense of alienation in reality, to achieve a wide range of social needs.

Third, the color values ​​of the times, to create a unique personality pinched face you
Players can create their own another in the game world, and to live as they wish. Powerful pinched face game system gives players exclusive play the role of custom, bid farewell to the stereotyped image of the role. Rich pre-game style for players freedom of choice, can be hair, face, facial, makeup and other details of dozens of settings by adjusting the value of all the details, to create truly personalized role.

Fourth, Meng Chong play, modeling and diverse, skills upgrading
Kyushu earth, living with a variety of creatures, some of them quite spiritual, it can be closed under his control, as a pet culture. Pets are an important part of fighting games. After careful cultivation of a pet, you can play amazing strength in battle.

Official Facebook: https: //
Customer Service Email:
If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

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