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神兵出世——大型沉浸式剧情 邂逅穿越挚友善无畏
神兵系统——高自由度武器打造 自定义外观个性万变
玩转足球季——超畅快5v5抢断射门 网红颠球动作秒变球星
多样社交——浪漫杀手锏“举高高”登场 助你狗年脱单
太一斗魂坛——百服争霸 角逐今夏王者服务器



——古风玄幻 极致唯美

——十大职业 百玩不腻

——超大家园自由摆放 DIY烧制传家宝

——情缘专属甜蜜玩法 全服真人社交

——多样PVE玩法 单人、组队任你挑

——极品装备公平掉落 可自由交易

——新一代国民手游 经典网游完美还原

National travel fantasy hand, all the people witnessed the “magic born” freedom to create personalized status quo, home devaluation 3D + mode, summer and embrace the beauty of great antiquity!

Magic born – Large immersive story met through friend Śubhakarasiṃha
Magic system – high degree of freedom to create custom weapons and personalize the appearance of the status quo
3D home – a new perspective 3D + overlooking large US homeland, romantic evening views
Fun football season – super fun 5v5 steals shot net red Dianqiu action becomes second star
Diverse social – romantic killer “high lift” the debut single off the Year of the Dog help you
Too much of a fighting spirit altar – one hundred hegemony race this summer king server

More massive summer activities, summer limited fashion [Man] stars, the wind horse [Ayaka] mall shelves, and quickly Hupenghuanyou join together now!

Beautiful antiquity, national fantasy! NetEase first fantasy online game “New Ghost Story” effort to build the original cast, is a tour-level aesthetic style has end and people set, heritage classic games are played, team battles and create hundreds of people, the best equipment fair fall, face to face free trade a number of innovative real-time system MMORPG hand tour. Encompasses diverse social mentoring, sworn, husband and wife, gang, dream island, inside and outside the game to achieve real social, become attached to the Three Realms!

[Game Features]
– the ultimate fantasy aesthetic antiquity
Jinling Happy concept, if Temple …… several realms ten beautiful antiquity scene, presents the grand fantasy world; national treasure luxury seiyuu lineup, delicate film-quality rendering in HD, bringing sumptuous visual feast!

– Ten career play one hundred non-greasy
Five major sects, the top ten occupations, 20 characters, with gender transformation, transfer play a role account with a variety of experience! Tournaments, Guan Ning school field, Gao maze, martial art challenge, the gang League and many other PVP play, singled team battles, any field you choose, the more so the altar of a fighting spirit to prove your strength! There are intriguing exclusive role of the story, bring you a taste of soul-stirring story of the characters!

– Large DIY fired home a free place heirlooms
Owning your own home land, building homes freedom of placement, handmade and freely display house furniture. More novel “heirloom” porcelain play and gain enhance the character attributes, and a projection AR, the virtual into reality.

– Sweet Love exclusive games are played full-service real social
Based on popular open real social geographical location! GongFu character divination, romantic wedding, palanquin parade, stimulate abducting a task Love everything! More sworn system, brotherhood mentoring systems, personal space, both inside and outside the game Dream Island gang and community social interaction, play the role of the state to achieve the depth of interactive real picture of the player!

– Single diverse PVE play, you pick any team
PVE-rich activities and fun: the new martial checkpoints, feel the whole mystery of vocational skills; to help make great battle, Kou Island siege, the whole gang members concentric against foreign enemies; mysterious treasure map task, looking for enduring treasure unknown ……

– Need for equipment falling freely trade fair
Need for equipment falling from the fair Daguai, not binding. Players can direct face to face transaction.

– a new generation of national classic hand travel online perfect reduction
Inheritance “New Ghost Story” online home, one-stop, run business, story line, treasure map and other classic games are played, relive Qiannv world on your mobile phone! NetEase new generation of national hand travel adjourned to the Three Realms brotherhood!

【contact us】
If you like our game, please pay attention to the game’s official website, the official micro-channel, microblogging more dynamic game! Please feel free to give us a message with the evaluation!
Official website: http: //
Micro-channel: Ghost Story hand travel (qnyhshouyou)
Weibo: Ghost Story hand tour
Customer Service Tel: 0571-26201150






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